Buenas. Segue abaixo um script shell para cálculo de HugePages.

Mais informações sobre o script:

Shell Script to Calculate Values Recommended Linux HugePages / HugeTLB Configuration [ID 401749.1]

HugePages on Linux: What It Is… and What It Is Not… [ID 361323.1]



# hugepages_settings.sh
# Linux bash script to compute values for the
# recommended HugePages/HugeTLB configuration
# Note: This script does calculation for all shared memory
# segments available when the script is run, no matter it
# is an Oracle RDBMS shared memory segment or not.
# This script is provided by Doc ID 401749.1 from My Oracle Support 
# http://support.oracle.com

# Welcome text
echo "
This script is provided by Doc ID 401749.1 from My Oracle Support 
(http://support.oracle.com) where it is intended to compute values for 
the recommended HugePages/HugeTLB configuration for the current shared 
memory segments. Before proceeding with the execution please make sure 
 * Oracle Database instance(s) are up and running
 * Oracle Database 11g Automatic Memory Management (AMM) is not setup 
   (See Doc ID 749851.1)
 * The shared memory segments can be listed by command:
     # ipcs -m

Press Enter to proceed..."


# Check for the kernel version
KERN=`uname -r | awk -F. '{ printf("%d.%dn",$1,$2); }'`

# Find out the HugePage size
HPG_SZ=`grep Hugepagesize /proc/meminfo | awk '{print $2}'`

# Initialize the counter

# Cumulative number of pages required to handle the running shared memory segments
for SEG_BYTES in `ipcs -m | awk '{print $5}' | grep "[0-9][0-9]*"`
   MIN_PG=`echo "$SEG_BYTES/($HPG_SZ*1024)" | bc -q`
   if [ $MIN_PG -gt 0 ]; then
      NUM_PG=`echo "$NUM_PG+$MIN_PG+1" | bc -q`

RES_BYTES=`echo "$NUM_PG * $HPG_SZ * 1024" | bc -q`

# An SGA less than 100MB does not make sense
# Bail out if that is the case
if [ $RES_BYTES -lt 100000000 ]; then
   echo "***********"
   echo "** ERROR **"
   echo "***********"
   echo "Sorry! There are not enough total of shared memory segments allocated for 
HugePages configuration. HugePages can only be used for shared memory segments 
that you can list by command:

   # ipcs -m

of a size that can match an Oracle Database SGA. Please make sure that:
 * Oracle Database instance is up and running 
 * Oracle Database 11g Automatic Memory Management (AMM) is not configured"
   exit 1

# Finish with results
case $KERN in
   '2.4') HUGETLB_POOL=`echo "$NUM_PG*$HPG_SZ/1024" | bc -q`;
          echo "Recommended setting: vm.hugetlb_pool = $HUGETLB_POOL" ;;
   '2.6') echo "Recommended setting: vm.nr_hugepages = $NUM_PG" ;;
    *) echo "Unrecognized kernel version $KERN. Exiting." ;;

# End


a) Logado com o user oracle crie um shell script chamado huge.sh (vi huge.sh)
b) Cole o conteúdo do script dentro do arquivo huge.sh e salve o mesmo (:x)
c) Execute chmod +x huge.sh (para que possa ser possível executar o script)
d) Execute ./huge.sh

1-Importante estar atento que este script fará o cálculo para todos os segmentos de memória compartilhada (shared memory segments) quando executado, sendo um segmento de RDBMS Oracle ou não.

2-Todas as instances devem estar no ar quando o script é executado.

3-Não pode estar sendo utilizado o Automatic Memory Management (AMM) – ID 749851.1

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