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Hoje o nosso questionário é sobre SQL e SQL*Plus.

  1. How can you pass variables into a SQL routine?
  2. You want to include carriage return / linefeed into your output from a SQL script. How can you do this?
  3. How do you call a PL/SQL procedure in SQL?
  4. How do you execute a host OS command from within SQL?
  5. You want to use SQL to generate SQL. What is it called and give an example.
  6. What SQL * PLUS command is used to format output from a select? 
  7. You want to group the following set of select returns, what can you group on? MAX(sum_of_cost), MIN(sum_of_cost), COUNT(item_no)?
  8. What special Oracle feature allows you to specify how the CBO treats SQL functions?
  9. You want to determine the location of identical rows in a table before attempting to place a unique index on the table, how can this be done?
  10. What is a Cartesian product?
  11. You are joining a local and remote table and the network manager complains about network traffic involved. Hodo you reduce the amount of traffic?
  12. What is the default ordering in the ORDER BY statement?
  13. What is TKPROF and how is it used?
  14. What is EXPLAIN plan and how is it used?
  15. How do you set the number of lines per page? The width?
  16. How do you prevent output from coming to the screen?
  17. How do you prevent Oracle from giving you informational messages during and after a SQL statement execution?
  18. How do you generate file output from SQL?

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Milton Bastos é DBA Oracle e Desenvolvedor PL/SQL, dividido entre Apucarana/PR e Curitiba/PR. Certificações: OCA (Oracle 11g DBA Certified Associate), Oracle Database 11g Data Warehousing Certified Implementation Specialist, Oracle Database 11g Sales Specialist Assessment, Oracle Database Appliance PreSales Specialist Assessment, Oracle Database Appliance Sales Specialist Assessment